NEW!! Praline White Chocolate Tart


Flavor: Creamy praline white chocolate

Experience the ultimate praline lover's dream with this tantalizing creation. It's an intense fusion of luscious white chocolate praline parve cheesecake and a satisfyingly crunchy chocolate tart that's simply irresistible!

This tart is a praline paradise, featuring the exquisite harmony of praline white chocolate cream and a decadently dark chocolate crunch at its core.

Crafted with precision, the tart begins with our exceptional chocolate cookie base, generously filled with a velvety praline chocolate ganache. On top, you'll discover a creamy parve white chocolate praline cheesecake, housing a delicate vanilla cake layer, all crowned with a layer of runny praline and an indulgent praline white chocolate ganache. The cake is elegantly adorned a stunning chocolate piece and delcious vanilla cream with roasted hazenuts.

For the perfect presentation, we recommend freezing, serve at room temperature and enjoy every praline-filled bite!

Serves approximately 12-15, cut with a sharp knife.

Note: product is hand designed and may vary slightly.

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.