NEW!!! Blueberries & Cream Tart



Flavor: Crunchy Vanilla & Blueberry Cream 

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Every fruit lovers dream! An intense combination of delicious blueberry parve cheesecake and crunchy vanilla tart, sooo good!

Lets enjoy Yom Tov with some out of the box flavors this season!

This tart includes the best fruity flavors out there, with the delicious combination of blueberry reduction and creamy parve cheesecake you will land up with the most refreshing dessert ever!

The tart is made up of our awesome vanilla cookie base filled with a blueberry reduction. The cake is topped with our creamy blueberry mousse filled with some more blueberry reduction and fluffy vanilla sponge.  The tart is finished off with some custard vanilla mousse puffs adding the perfect flavor and texture. The cake is decorated with a fake nonedible esrog and some green leaves. 

Best kept refrigerated until ready to present.

Serves approximately 12-15, cut with a sharp knife.

Note: product is hand designed and may vary slightly.

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.