Apple n' Honey Platter - Petite


Prepare to be enchanted by a truly spectacular Yom Tov-themed platter, designed to elevate your Rosh Hashanah tablescape to unprecedented heights of beauty and taste.

This exquisite platter is a masterpiece that centers around a symbolic mock honey dish. At its heart lies a chocolate circlet, a vessel brimming with velvety chocolate mousse, accented by notes of rosemary cream and soft, fluffy chocolate cake. A stunning mock honeycomb takes its place atop the cake, revealing glistening bits of yellow mock honey and a signature honey stick, celebrating the essence of sweetness and tradition.

Encompassing the central dish are six meticulously crafted red delicious apples, each fashioned from a delicate blend of chocolate mousse, rosemary cream, and delectable fluffy chocolate cake. 

The platter's aesthetic is further adorned with gleaming yellow mock honey in various sizes, imparting an aura of elegance and authenticity. A radiant yom tov medallion serves as the finishing touch, harmonizing the elements of celebration.

This masterpiece is presented on a real stone slate grey tray, adding a touch of sophistication to its visual splendor. Prepare to be captivated not only by its striking appearance but also by its utterly delectable taste. This platter is a testament to the marriage of artistry and flavor, making it an indispensable addition to your Yom Tov festivities.

Slate platter is approximately 15x7 inches.

Magnificent gift box presentation included.

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.