Chanukah Donut Stand 9 - Dairy


 A stunning petite chocolate donut board - the perfect party centerpiece!

Envision an exquisite wooden board graced by 9 heavenly Dairy Crunch Donuts, each a divine creation of indulgence. These decadent treats boast a luscious array of toppings—vibrant sprinkles, chocolate chips, velvety chocolate shavings, playful candy colors, and roasted caramelized nuts. The sheer elegance of these absolutely delicious donuts not only positions them as the star of any gathering but also makes the board an ideal gift. With each bite, relish the sublime blend of flavors and textures, transforming these 9 Dairy Crunch Donuts into an enchanting and heavenly experience for any discerning sweet enthusiast.

 Contains 9 dairy belgian chocolate truffle donuts gift wrapped to perfection!

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, soy, milk, nuts, and gluten.