Nougat Log Rosh Hashana Edition


Flavor: Chocolate nougat

Elevate your Yom Tov experience with the timeless elegance of the Nougat Log Rosh Hashana Edition.

Step into a realm of classic opulence with The Chocolate Mousse Masterpiece. Within this log, a symphony of flavors beckons—rich chocolate cream, nougat, and tender cake layers intertwine to create an exquisite harmony. The log's exterior boasts a distinctive textured chocolate finish, crowned with a splendid artistic stunning chocolate Golden Honey Fudge Bar.

The Fudge bar is overflowing with the dreamy essence of honey vanilla fudge and the creaminess of vanilla chocolate honey ganache, which embodies the pinnacle of chocolate confections. This harmonious combination of flavors and textures is the epitome of indulgence, creating an unforgettable Yom Tov celebration.

Please note that the actual design may vary, ensuring every bite is an enchanting surprise.

Note: design/colors/decoration of the product may vary slightly.

Size is 9" - estimated 10-15 portions.

Allergen information

DAll products contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.