Ma Nishtana Lolly (4 pcs)- Parve


Kosher L'Pesach - CRC Hisachdus - Parve

Discover the most enchanting dark chocolate lollipops, each delicately adorned with colorful mini sprinkles and a charming question mark on top, designed to delight the youngest at your Seder and keep them eagerly engaged. These luscious treats are presented in an exquisite maroon box, tied with a bow, and include four pieces in each package.

What sets these delightful confections apart is their premium non-dairy dark chocolate base, guaranteeing an unparalleled, rich taste with every bite. To add to their allure, each lollipop is individually wrapped and crowned with a maroon bow, heightening the sense of anticipation and luxury.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, slight variations in each hand-designed piece only contribute to their unique charm.

Please note, the lollipops measure 2 inches in dimension, promising a perfect balance of chocolatey goodness.

Allergen information

All products contain nuts.