NEW!!! Strawberry & Cream Tart



Flavor: Crunchy Custard Tart With Creamy Strawberry Shortcake 

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Updated and redesigned! A refreshing and delicious tart, the perfect item for a family dessert!

It's time to enjoy Yom Tov with the most beautiful and meaningful dessert, perfect for every table! This tart has it all, with it's unique flavor and stunning design you will have the perfect finish for your beautiful Yom Tov seuda, definitely fit for a king!

This tart has a crunchy vanilla tart base filled with delicious custard cream, the tart is topped with a strawberry shortcake filled with strawberry reduction and soft fluffy vanilla sponge cake, the perfect combination!! The cake is decorated with custard cream puffs on either side.

The strawberry shortcake is decorated with a fake esrog and leaves creating a stunning Yom Tov effect! 

Best kept refrigerated until ready to present.

Serves approximately 12-15, cut with a sharp knife.

Note: product is hand designed and may vary slightly.

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.