Ornate Rose Heart Platter


A really special piece of artwork, the absolute ideal piece for that really special occasion, or just a perfect way to express your thanks...

This platter contains a magnificent large heart on the top left corner containing chocolate rosemary cream and soft chocolate mousse stuffed with fluffy chocolate cake. The heart is embellished with a flow of small shiny hearts and mini complimentary hearts flowing down the center towards the bottom right corner of the tray. The plate is decorated with shiny red dots in multiple sizes and is finished off with some beautiful red silk roses.

The Heart Platter is presented on a real stone slate grey platter and wrapped in a beautiful maroon gift box. This product is absolutely gorgeous and totally delicious!

(Actual design and flowers will vary as this is hand made - actual number of hearts may vary.)

Platter is approximately 20x12 inches.

Gift box included.

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.