NEW!! Peanut Caramel Fudge Bar - Petite


Introducing the Peanut Caramel Fudge Bar - Petite Size, an elevated delight brimming with flavor and character.

This fudge bar boasts an exquisite fusion of delectable flavors: a housemade creamy peanut fudge layer, complemented by a rich, sticky peanut caramel and roasted, salted peanuts. All of these delectable elements are gracefully encased within a crisp Belgian dark chocolate exterior, resulting in a harmonious medley of textures and tastes.

Beyond its culinary appeal, this petite-sized bar not only tantalizes your taste buds but also captivates your visual senses with an artistic drizzle of stunning orange speckles.

Designed for sharing, one bar is recommended for two individuals, making it an ideal addition to your celebrations. You can confidently leave it out at room temperature, ready to be savored at your leisure. Get ready to transform your dessert moments with this delectable creation, destined to be the highlight of any occasion.

Note: design/colors/decoration of the product may vary slightly.

Size is 7 inch long and 2 inch high.

Allergen information

All products contain, eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.