Purim 5B (Large)


Want to give a little more? Want to really impress? Besides for being a showstopper this option comes along with a gorgeous gift of its own...

Add a regal touch to your Mishloach Manos with a gold leaf candy dish. This beautiful dish is perfect for holding candies, jewelry, and gadgets. It features a slightly curved leaf shape that adds an exquisite touch.

The Mishloach Manos pictured contains our signature log cake surrounded by two corresponding miniatures on either side (total of four miniatures) in an enclosed glass and wood box (indentation in center). This is an absolute piece of art!! Pictures do not do justice... 

The Mishloach Manos comes along with a bottle and a golden candy dish.

Cake showcase is approximately 13"x16"x10". 

*dish is porcelain not real gold.