Royal Blue Collection - 12 pc - DAIRY


This splendid collection of truffles is an ideal choice for Mishloach Manos this Purim season!

Housed in a sophisticated draw box adorned in royal blue and gold, this set features twelve irresistible dairy chocolate truffles, each bursting with unique and delightful flavors. Among the possible selections are such tastes as cookies and cream, nutty praline, decadently creamy dairy chocolate, peanut butter, sumptuous creamy white, and velvety smooth caramel.

Accompanying these truffles is an exquisite mini bottle of our chocolate cream, crafted to enrich your hot or cold chocolate milk with a luxurious twist.

Offering a touch of opulence, this gift is destined to enchant anyone fortunate enough to receive it this Purim.

Note: product is hand designed and may vary slightly. These are shelf stable items and can remain in a controlled environment until ready to gift or enjoy.

Box dimension: 7.5x5x1.25" This is a soft box.

Allergen information

All products contain: Milk, eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.