The Choco Crunch - 6 desserts


The Choco Crunch - contains 6 desserts (plate not included).

GLUTEN FREE (not certified)

The Choco Crunch is a brilliant donut featuring character on all its angles. This miniature is sure to please both children and adults alike! The strong chocolate aroma and lasting peanut caramel flavor will provide that perfect dessert. 

The Choco Crunch is a miniature full of pure goodness, it contains rich peanut caramel mousse and creamy peanut caramel filling. These masterpieces are finished off with a uniquely textured nutty chocolate topping and our signature 24K gold leaf.

Best kept refrigerated, but most enjoyable when served at room temperature. This miniature freezes well.

Note: design and decoration is handmade and may vary slightly, design contains cracks.

Size is 3 oz on a 3.25 inch tray with 6 pieces in a package.

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, and nuts