The Choco Custard


Flavor: Recomposed Fruit Tart

The most insane cake ever created! The idea behind this cake was to take everyone's favorite fruit tarts and create a masterpiece presentable for your special table, and we nailed it!

The Cake contains a heavenly custard vanilla chocolate mousse filled with flavorful custard, a creamy rich white chocolate berry genache and some fluffy vanilla cake. This magnificent piece of art is completed with our unique touch bringing the fruit tart to a new level! A picture is worth a thousand words... just take a look!

Cake should be kept frozen and defrosted in the refrigerator 6 hours prior to enjoyment. We recommend slicing with an extra sharp knife.

Note: design/colors/decoration of the product may vary slightly.

Size is 8" - estimated 10 portions.

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.