The Choco Merlot Board - DAIRY - Large


Experience pure bliss with the aromatic allure of our Merlot Board, a sumptuous collection of nine sections brimming with our artisanal chocolates and confections. This board is a treasure trove of tantalizing tastes, ready to delight your senses!

Featuring an assortment that includes, but is not limited to, milk chocolate caramel nut turtles, nougats enrobed in milk chocolate, twists covered in milk chocolate, a jumbo dairy chocolate crunch bar filled with delectable creams, and crunchy, crispy chocolate bark, all presented in an exquisite package tied with a large maroon bow.

This board is not just visually striking but also a feast for the taste buds, making it the perfect indulgence.

Enhance this luxurious platter with a fine wine for an elevated experience, or present it as a standalone gift to show someone your deep appreciation.

Please note that each product is handcrafted, leading to unique variations in design.

Box dimensions: 11x11x1.5 inches

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, soy, nuts, milk and gluten.