The Choco Platter 4 Inch - Parve


The Choco Platter four inch has two compartments filled with our home made delicious chocolates, the compartments has a variety of items featuring either mouthwatering caramel-infused chocolate turtles, Viennese crunch confections, satisfyingly crunchy chocolate barqs, in multiple flavors or chocolate crunch buttons. Each platter has an assortment of chocolates making this super exciting each time it's gifted.

What makes these chocolate treasures even more special is their source — we use the finest Belgian non-dairy dark chocolate available, ensuring a distinct and luxurious flavor in every snap and bite.

To enhance its appeal, the platter is elegantly wrapped with a striking maroon bow, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your occasion.

Please note that each product is meticulously hand-designed, which may result in slight variations, adding a bespoke and artisanal touch to your Choco Platter.

Box dimensions: 4x7x1.5 inch

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, soy, nuts, and gluten.