The Choco Swirl Log - Ushpizen


The Choco Swirl Log - Ushpizen is everyone's favorite flavor cake... There is absolutely nothing like this delicious heavenly masterpiece, yum!

The Choco Swirl is a cake full of pure goodness, it contains heavy flavorful chocolate mousse, chunks of mouthwatering cookie dough, and creamy rosemary. The cake is finished off a elegant swirl of chocolate mousse and enhanced with wooden Ushpizen cards! Each Ushpizen is beautifully engraved on a wooden stick. The cake is finished off with a touch of gold leaf!

Keep refrigerated.

Note: design and decoration is handmade and may vary slightly.

Size is 7" wide and 2" High - estimated portions 8-10. 

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.