The Choco Truffle - Large DAIRY


The Choco Truffle - Large, is an beautiful tower; with over a foot of dairy truffles each one loaded with character! The tower starts off with a row of milchig peanut caramel and chocolate crunch truffles and then continues up the tower with larger dairy praline truffles. Just flick one off or slice a piece from the base and pop into your mouth for a refreshing treat!

The large truffle arrangement is decorated with magnificent faux flowers, encircling rows of creamy chocolates, this piece is the perfect centerpiece for your Yom Tov dessert table!

The tower should be kept at room temperature. 

Note: design/flowers/colors/decoration of the product may vary slightly.

Size is 14" - estimated truffles 40 large and chocolate ring base.

Allergen information

All products contain milk, eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.