The Choco Ushpizen Dessert Platter


A really magnificent piece of artwork, the absolute ideal piece for that really special Yom Tov table... Or just the perfect meaningful Sukkos gift!

This platter features a mock esrog sitting in a shiny chocolate mousse cake with mock grass surrounding it. The cake contains rich chocolate oreo mousse, creamy oreo genache and fluffy chocolate cake. The centerpiece is finished off with sparkles of 23K gold dust, absolutely regal!

The esrog cake is surrounded by 8 beautifully crafted ushpizen stands featuring a different golden medallion for each individual name and one beautiful golden chocolate flower at the very end. 

The Platter is presented on a real stone slate grey platter. This product is absolutely gorgeous and totally delicious.

Platter is approximately 20x12 inches.

Gift box included.

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.