The Fruity Square


The Fruity Square is the perfect piece to enhance your Tu Bi'shvat table!  The combination of rich chocolate and luscious mousse will give the lasting taste to this special day!

The Fruity Square is a cake full of pure goodness, it contains heavy flavorful chocolate mousse, a thick layer of praline chocolate and a soft airy sponge cake. This cake is just the base for our stunning masterpieces - the fruit! The Apple, the Pear, the Cherry and the Orange - which are all made out of creamy lucious mousse surrounded by a garden of moss!

Keep refrigerated.

Note: design and decoration is handmade and may vary slightly, cracks are normal.

Size is 7" wide and 2" High - estimated portions 8-10. 

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.