The Grand Oak Stand


The Grand Oak is a majestic gold stand filled with glass shelves of delicious mousse cakes and chocolates!! A signature collection of our very best all combined into one perfect formation of beauty and elegance!

The top shelf holds a signature Choco Shoppe box filled with containers of chocolates in PVC boxes, perfect for a family to open and enjoy together! In addition it also holds a stunning Choco Shoppe wine bottle accessories kit. The front of the shelf holds some scrumptious dairy chocolate bars and chocolate Radiants. This shelf is so stunning and majestic!

This second shelf holds the extravagant, a fantastic pareve cheesecake filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate cream, cookie dough and soft fluffy chocolate cake. The Extravagant is presented in a  stunning maroon and gold box with a PVC surrounding the cake to show off its beauty and elegance. The package has a stunning maroon bow giving the perfect finishing touch.

The third shelf holds our most popular Nougat Log containing heavenly chocolate mousse, nougat cream and fully chocolate cake, this log is presented in a gorgeous maroon and gold box with a PVC surrounding the log to show off its magnificence and beauty to all.

The fourth shelf has our very newest Oreo tart cake also presented in its stunning case. The cake is so completely delicious, its just the perfect variety for any recipient.

The bottom shelf holds our famous bon bon truffles, a combination of stunning colorful chocolates all lined up so beautifully in a gorgeous maroon box.

The collection is truly magnificent - the absolute perfect combination of flavor and texture with the most magnificent and regal setup! 

Note: design/colors/decoration of the product will vary slightly.

Gift size is approximately 54 inch high and 18 inch wide.

Allergen information

All products may contain milk, eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.