NEW!! The Honey Bee Combo Platter


A fabulous work of art and creativity combining our very best items into once magnificent centerpiece!

We are so excited to present the Honey Bee Combo Platter, this tray boosts an array of different items into one stunning creation! Enjoy the perfection of our delicious chocolate Belgium truffles alongside our famous creamy mousse!

There is nothing that says gut Yom Tov as much as these mini apple truffles and honey dish platter!

This platter features a mock honey dish in the center containing an oreo chocolate mousse dish filled with creamy oreo truffle genache and soft fluffy chocolate cake. The cake is topped with honey sticks dipped into some stunning mock honey!

The honey dish is surrounded on the top right and bottom left by some mini red delicious apple chocolate truffles topped with a beautiful green chocolate leaf. The truffles may all look the same but they are actually a variety of our very best pareve Belgium chocolates that we are famous for, they are so absolutely delicious and beyond incredible.

The platter is decorated with shiny yellow mock honey in multiple sizes and is embellished with a beautiful gold chocolate plaque stating Shana Tova. 

The Platter is presented on a real stone slate grey tray. This product is absolutely gorgeous and totally delicious!

Platter is approximately 20x12 inches.

Magnificent gift box presentation included.

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.