The Imperial Platform - DAIRY


The Imperial Platform stands as a distinguished gift choice, specially crafted to convey deep gratitude this Purim to a particularly esteemed individual.

Constructed with an artistically wooden framework, this platform beautifully accentuates its contents, presenting them in an unparalleled manner.

At its base, a selection of our divine milk chocolate bark in various flavors is elegantly displayed on rich maroon and gold bases, encased in clear boxes that allow the allure of these chocolate masterpieces to shine through. Central to this tier is our wine bottle accessories kit, flanked by a box of our renowned milk chocolate truffles, creating a luxurious focal point.

The middle shelf showcases our Merlot Platter, a collection of exquisite milk chocolate delights and sweets. Positioned prominently in front are our celebrated milk chocolate clusters, bursting with lusciously smooth milk chocolate creams.

Crowning the platform, the uppermost shelf introduces our latest array of decadent milk chocolate golden Truffles. This selection features four exceptional truffle varieties: crisp white chocolate, dark chocolate pearls filled with velvety cream, pecans enveloped in chocolate and caramel, and sumptuous golden peanut butter truffles with toasted caramelized peanuts. Each truffle is adorned with a Purim-themed, gold-coated milk chocolate figurine, infusing this gift with an added layer of splendor and festivity.

This platform is not just a gift but a statement of appreciation, perfectly suited for someone truly special.

It's important to note that the craftsmanship behind each design and decoration is meticulously hand-executed, ensuring slight, unique variations that contribute to the overall charm of this bespoke offering.

The dimensions are approximately 14 inches in width and 30 inches in height.

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.