The Noble Platform - DAIRY


The Noble Platform stands out as an elegantly designed, magnificent gift, ideal for creating memorable impressions with a touch of sophistication and excitement.

Crafted with two striking white shelves atop sleek, jet-black pillars, this platform epitomizes stunning support and style.

The lower tier showcases a masterful arrangement of milk chocolate delights. At its heart, a divine selection of chocolate truffles takes center stage, encircled by vibrant, artisanal dairy chocolate bars and enticing chocolate clusters at the forefront. These clusters are elegantly presented in a maroon and transparent box, gracefully tied with a maroon ribbon and adorned with exquisite open maroon roses.

On the upper tier, our renowned crunchy chocolate bark, embellished with playful dancing clowns, captures the eye. The centerpiece is a box of our blissful chocolate caramel turtles, with our Merlot Platter positioned behind, offering an array of sublime milk chocolate treats.

This platform is the quintessential Mishloach Manos option for anyone aiming to leave a lasting impact on a client, boss, colleague, or friend.

Please note that each design and decoration is handcrafted, leading to slight variations that add to its unique charm.

The dimensions are approximately 35 inches in width and 30 inches in height.

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.