The Pesach Platter 11"- Parve


Kosher L'Pesach - CRC Hisachdus - Parve

The ultimate chocolate platter has been presented as a gift! Introducing the Choco Platter, a lavish compilation of nine distinct sections, each overflowing with an enticing variety of chocolate delights. This assortment features sumptuous chocolate pralines, chocolate-enrobed crispy vanilla biscotti, and four unique types of bark including crispy puffs drenched in dark chocolate adorned with white lines, and salted chips coated in either vanilla or dark chocolate, each embellished with matching designs, or mocha chocolate enveloped salted chips. Additionally, it boasts a section of dark chocolate-covered puff clusters, offering a satisfying texture and excitement as they are pulled apart. The corners of the platter are graced with our most cherished chocolate truffles, elevating the assortment.

The exceptional quality of these chocolate wonders is attributed to the premium non-dairy dark chocolate used, guaranteeing a distinguished and opulent taste with every crunch and bite.

To further magnify its charm, the platter is tastefully decorated with a vivid maroon bow, lending an added layer of elegance to your special event.

It's important to note that each piece on the platter is carefully hand-crafted, leading to minor variations that contribute a custom-made, artisanal quality to your Choco Platter.

Box dimensions: 11x11x1.5 inch

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, and nuts.