The Pesach Truffle 60pc - Parve


Kosher L'Pesach - CRC Hisachdus - Parve

The perfect family assortment of the finest Pesach truffles available!

The Pesach truffle has arrived with much anticipation! We're thrilled to unveil our exquisite collection of heimish kosher for Passover (kosher l'Pesach) parve chocolate truffles, designed to dazzle and delight in equal measure. This selection of 60 taste sensations is the perfect pesach treat, sure to enchant both adults and children!

Our truffle assortment features a variety of captivating flavors, including espresso ganache, rich chocolate genache, deep vanilla genache, triple chocolate truffle, vanilla almond marzipan, mocha truffle, homemade Nutella cream truffle, deep chocolate raspberry, and many more intriguing flavor combinations.

The unique allure of these chocolate creations is enhanced by their ingredients—we utilize only the finest non-dairy dark chocolate, ensuring every truffle offers a distinct and luxurious experience with every bite.

To add to its allure, each platter is beautifully adorned with a striking maroon bow, lending an extra layer of elegance to any celebration.

Please be aware that each truffle is crafted by hand with great care, which might lead to slight variations. These nuances contribute to the bespoke, artisanal charm of your Choco Truffle collection.

Box dimensions: 16x10x1.5 inch

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, and nuts.