The Satchel - DAIRY


A sophisticated and stylish Mishloach Manos selection!

This chic satchel contains two of our divine dairy truffles, each brimming with luscious dairy cream fillings, alongside two exquisite bark sticks adorned with white chocolate stripes. Also included are two decadently soft marshmallows, coated in velvety dairy chocolate and dusted with crunchy dairy chocolate pearls.

This delightful ensemble of premium chocolate delights is certain to be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone fortunate enough to receive it.

Elegantly packaged, each item is meticulously wrapped and topped with a luxurious golden bow, accompanied by a detailed description of the contents on the back, adding a touch of elegance to this exquisite offering.

Note: product is hand designed and may vary slightly. These are shelf stable items and can remain in a controlled environment until ready to gift or enjoy.

Box dimension: 6.5x2.25x2" 

Item comes with one box.

Allergen information

All products contain: Milk, eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.