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Kosher L'Pesach - CRC Hisachdus - Parve

We're ecstatic to unveil the Chocolate Seder Plate, a groundbreaking addition to your Pesach Seder! This plate, designed specifically for each child or grandchild, promises to captivate your audience and fuel enthusiasm, creating memorable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Enliven your Seder night with our innovative and irresistibly tasty chocolate Seder plate. Spanning over 8 inches in diameter, this plate is not just for show—it's fully functional, capable of holding all the traditional Seder components from the hard-boiled egg to the maror, ensuring a fun and exciting way to keep the younger participants engaged, excited, and wide awake till the very end of your Seder.

The allure of this unique chocolate creation comes from its premium ingredients. We use only the finest non-dairy dark chocolate, offering a distinct and luxurious taste experience with every bite, elevating your Seder to new heights of enjoyment and tradition.

To add to its allure, each plate is either wrapped in a stunning book box with a magnificent bow or a more basic gift box with a clear cover.

Please be aware that each truffle is crafted by hand with great care, which might lead to slight variations. These nuances contribute to the bespoke, artisanal charm of your Choco Truffle collection.

Gift Box dimensions: 10x10x1.5 inch

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, and nuts.