Classic chocolate Truffles - 28 pc box - DAIRY


Behold a chocolate collection so breathtaking, it guarantees to astound everyone fortunate enough to receive it! This box is the epitome of making an unforgettable impression.

Inside, you'll find 28 pieces of our signature chocolate truffles, each elegantly cradled in a sophisticated maroon box with a textured finish, and sealed with our iconic Gold Stamp. Open the magnetic closure, lift the golden candy pad, and prepare for an extraordinary experience! These chocolates are not just treats; they're miniature masterpieces (1" each), offering more than meets the eye. The moment one melts in your mouth, the exquisite flavors will elevate your senses to unparalleled heights. Every truffle is meticulously hand-decorated, featuring a distinct flavor profile that sets it apart. With some truffles boasting dual flavor elements, the variety is as rich as the taste.

Expect to find multiples of our crowd favorites in this selection, as illustrated.

The assortment may include, among others, flavors like cookies and cream, nutty praline, rich creamy dairy chocolate, peanut butter, luxurious creamy white, and smooth silky caramel.

Note: product is hand designed and may vary slightlyBest enjoyed within 30 days of receiving. Keep in a cool dry place. (18C/64F). 

Box dimension: 15x7.5x2.5 Gift bag is included.

Allergen information

All products contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.