Bon Bon Truffles - 16 pc box - DAIRY


A chocolate collection so impressive, it will wow all that are privileged enough to receive it!

This option contains 16 of our signature collection chocolates, presented in an elegant maroon textured box, sealed with our signature - the Gold Stamp! Undo the magnetic closure, remove the golden candy pad and get ready to be wowed! Each of these chocolates are little pieces of art (1" each), but it doesn't stop there, wait until you get a bite out of one of them, the tantalizing taste will impress you on a whole new level! The chocolates are all hand decorated, each color depicting an underlying flavor in its own characteristic way. Each truffle has two delicious fillings and are encased in a thin crust of decadent dairy chocolate.  

Each box will contain a variety of flavors and colors. Flavors will include some of the following (at our own discretion), cookies and cream, nutty praline, espresso and crumbs, succulent strawberry ,crunchy peanuts, sour cherry, vanilla bean, coffee and cream and silky pistachio white chocolate.


Note: product is hand designed and may vary slightly. Best enjoyed within 10 days of receiving. Keep in a cool dry place. (18C/64F)

Box dimension: 11.25x4x2.5 Gift bag is included. 



Allergen information


All products contain: Milk, eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.