The Choco Drizzle


Flavor: Peanut Caramel OR Chocolate Oreo

The Choco Drizzle is the perfect piece to enhance your Rosh Hashanah table!  The combination of rich chocolate and luscious mousse will give the lasting taste to your Yom Tov seuda!

The Choco Drizzle comes in two different flavor choices, the cakes look identical yet taste completely different.

 Flavor 1: contains rich peanut caramel chocolate mousse, creamy peanut caramel and a soft airy sponge cake.

Flavor 2: contains rich chocolate cookies and crème mousse, Oreo ganache and heavy chocolate cake.

This masterpiece is finished off with a uniquely textured chocolate topping, dripping faux honey, mock honeycomb and a magnificent hand crafted shiny red delicious mousse apple!

Keep refrigerated.

Note: design and decoration is handmade and may vary slightly.

Size is 7" wide and 2" High - estimated portions 8-10. 

Allergen information

All products may contain eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.