The Choco Paradise - Dairy



The Choco Paradise is a mouthwatering arrangement of our most divine milk chocolate products!  

This arrangement contains product after product of our top chocolate dairy line!

The first platter is a massive round wooden board which includes but is not limited to: our jumbo chocolate inclusion bars containing an assortment of flavors sprinkled on the back of a 3.6 oz milk chocolate bar, our unique crunchy milk chocolate bark that melts in your mouth leaving a fantastic taste lingering on your taste buds, chocolate caramel turtles - checkout that pull when broken in half, our perfect petite buttons with multiple different fun items neatly sitting on top - perfect for the health nut, the excited children and the serious adult. Lets not forget everyone's favorite item so generously added to the inner workings of the tray - the jumbo chocolate clusters, yummy! The platter also includes some of our classic chocolate truffles lined up perfectly along the rim.  

The second layer contains additional gooey chocolate caramel turtles in an assortment of flavors along with more of our chocolate truffles in creamy peanut caramel, dairy chocolate cream, white chocolate cream, sea salted caramels... in the center you will find additional crunchy milk chocolate bark, there is just never enough of this delicacy.

Our chocolate is just like a great bottle of aged wine, take a moment to smell it, feel it enjoy its personality and only then take a slight tasting of it, ohhh how delicious!

What's our secret to great products? All our chocolates are made in house using the highest quality ingredients, we value perfection and we deliver!

Note: design/colors/decoration of the product may vary slightly.

Tray size is 24" - portion depends on appetite.

Exact products will vary depending on stock at time of order.

Allergen information

All products may contain milk, eggs, soy, nuts and gluten.